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In just 8 weeks, our online course will equip you with the essential tools to redefine your organization's core values, establish a compelling Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) and a vivid vision, and unlock your core purpose. By enrolling in this course, you will embark on a path that leads to a cultural revolution within your organization. You will discover how to seamlessly integrate these transformative concepts into your company's DNA, fostering a cohesive and inspired team that's ready to conquer any challenge.

  • Are you seeking to instill a sense of purpose and unity within your organization?

  • Do you aspire to set audacious goals and a compelling vision that will drive your organization's success?

  • Is your organization ready to undergo a transformative cultural shift that promotes cohesion and inspiration?


    1. Introduction to the 3 Critical Culture Foundations course

    2. Learning Sessions & Toolbox

    1. Introduction & Toolbox

    2. YOU are the organization

    3. Mission to Mars

    4. Values Fanatics

    5. Recap & Action Items

    1. Introduction & Toolbox

    2. BHAG

    3. Vivid Vision

    4. The Pre-Parade and the Pre-Mortem

    5. 4DX Framework for Execution

    6. Recap & Action Items

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